Wednesday, December 6, 2006

This guy gives his opinion on the us situation regarding US blacks and anti semitism

Half-Assyrian/Arab, half-Negro-heritaged American cautions that African-American and European anti-Semitism is facilitating philo-Islamism- ... all » embracing radical, subversive ideology & activities. Creates great cover for religious supremacy extremism. Makes FBI pre-empting terror more difficult hiding behind religious and racial profiling protections- jeopardizing both law enforcement and collective punishment of innocent Blacks.

Am I Asian

This documentary short presents the filmmaker's search for identity as a mixed Chinese/Caucasian American. From growing up in the Bay Area ... all » surrounded by Asians to a life-changing car crash to making fun of white people who don't like Boba, the film touches on themes of race, family and sexuality, sharing an experience that is both intensely personal and universal.

Its good to be mixed

Check out this video. A guy in the US breaks down his view of being mixed race.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

kanye wests views on mixed race women

I'm not going to be buying any of his music again. Well, actually I don't buy his music anyway. But if I did I wouldn't anymore.

Let me know what people think of this one...


Saturday, December 2, 2006

Eyes on the prize

A lot of issues for mixed race foster children centre around an ability to focus. It is an issue which still affects me y life from time to time. It is for this reason I love this song. I have created a slideshow including slides from my trip to riviera maya in mexico. The people were amazing and I would highly recommend a trip to Mexico for a holiday. They seemed to love the fact that I was mixed race. And got referred to as lenny kravitz the entire holiday. The hotel manageress introduced myself and my partner to a mexican rock star who was apparently massive in mexico, we met her friends a travelling french philiosopher and a cuban graphic designer who had been wearing the same battered tennis shoes since he wore since he arrived in mexico. One night we were all drinking in the evening, a cool breeze in the local reggae bar where I was suprised at their vast selection of recent tunes, so recent in fact, I had hardly hear any of them, then I remembered we were just across from Jamaica. I am hoping to make my first visit to westmoreland, negril in January. This is where my father was born.

You can cheque out the some of the pics in my slideshow at

A New Vision of Mixed Race:

A New Vision of Mixed Race:

Literary Techniques for Counteracting Stereotypes

Jené Erica Lee

Professor Chris Nealon

The author takes a look at 1977 novel ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko.

The review demonstrates how the author silko deals with multi racial concepts and ideas. He also references his full paper which discusses two further novels written by mixed race authors and their written attempts at redefining race.

Heres the link

A poem by me

They thought me weak when I was a child
Because I was polite and I always smiled
Because I wouldn’t fight as I became viled
I made my responses in lyrical style

The story of child, an intellectual being
Who spent his time looking, and thus began seeing

A bitter struggle and an ancient mystery
To know myself and my hidden history

To INNERstand the mystery’s of life
Why I was born in this trouble and strife

A spirit deprived of knowledge of self
Devouring this child’s mental state of health

In a world where loyalty can be bought for a price
Where false friends sell you out, without thinking twice

Inside the questions multiply and increase
Taking me further from my inner peace

External things won’t always last
So embrace your history, look to your past

In order to achieve this spiritual wealth
You must take a look inside of your SELF

A poem by Michael Dennis

copyright 2006